Top 7 ideas for useful gifts and Tour in gift giving history

Top 7 ideas for useful gifts and Tour in gift giving history

What are good useful gifts? What to gift someone who loves…? What is the best practical gift for friend? These and hundred similar questions about gifts appear in your browser’s history on the eve of an important day. Any holiday is an opportunity to buy the best present for your friends and family. This rating of useful gifts is made for those who do not want to spend money in vain and wants to please and surprise a person. Here you can find necessary and unique things that can be gifts for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, housewarming, New Year gift, and any other occasion. So, let’s take a look at our top 7 ideas and tips for useful gifts, but first a little tour in gift giving history. This information is not only interesting but can also add a fascinating fact to your holiday speech.

In the modern world, gifts carry a person from birth to the end of life. The exchange of gifts has become a pleasant tradition that accompanies the reception of guests. How was it before us? When did the tradition of making gifts begin? And who was at its origin? These and many other questions from the history of gifts are not only interesting, but also important and entertaining.

It should be assumed that the tradition of making gifts, which we know now, originated in the primitive community system. The tribes of ancient people on every continent have worshiped pagan gods, later of idols and priests. Ritual offerings of flowers, fruits, animals, and in some tribes, people, were often accompanied by songs and dances. All this was to appease and propitiate the gods in whom men believed. Those gods who could dry up the earth or send a flood, frighten a hurricane or lightning and thunder, turn away luck on hunting or fishing, give or take life. Later, the exchange of gifts began to make different tribes among themselves. Rock paintings found by archaeologists convey details of pagan traditions of ancient people.

At the time of sea expeditions to discover new lands, seafarers met native tribes. Of course, the natives were not always friendly to strangers. And those travelers did not always have pure intentions, because they often equipped expeditions for the purpose of plunder, not scientific research. The navigators got gold in exchange for cheap trinkets ― hair combs, mirrors, beads, medallions, rings, pieces of cloth, etc., which greatly attracted the natives.

It was always necessary to choose and present gifts to the rulers of different countries with great attention, and especially in ancient times. Then the mistake could cost the life of the donator or be the cause of war between states. Meanwhile, great gifts of gold and silver, works of art and various curiosities served as a good addition to the Treasury. Such gifts were often used to solve political issues. A striking example is the gift of the Persian Shah to Ivan the Terrible (the first Tsar of Russia from 1547 to 1584). This was the first time an elephant was seen in Moscow. But this was a calculated attempt by the Shah to unite with Russia against the Ottoman Empire.

Today, the tradition of presenting gifts has grown into a real art. Guess the desire, match the occasion, take into account the national characteristics of the person being gifted, pack it beautifully and present it correctly ― this is the only way to find the perfect solution for any of the people.

A gift should be chosen in advance, you should take into account the tastes, interests and preferences of the person to whom this gift is intended. How do you need to choose a good gift for your loved ones? We face this question every time before the holidays. How often were we given gifts that we re-gifted or that just gathered dust on the shelves, not to offend anyone? To avoid giving another unwanted gift, we have created a top 7 ideas for useful gifts for you. Follow these tips, and your gift will never lie in the dust!

  1. Remember habits and character.

Before you start choosing a gift, remember the habits of the person to whom it is intended. For example, if you want to make a real Hearth Keeper happy, then you should look at what will be a great addition to the interior. When choosing dishes, you should pay attention to porcelain, as porcelain dishes perfectly fit into the interior, has many wonderful advantages, including a long fascinating history, durability, and the ability to keep drinks warm. You can choose a whole tea, coffee, or dinner set, as well as individual unique items that will always be needed in the household. Thus, multifunctional bowls are an inexpensive but useful gift that will charm with its beauty and become an integral part of the interior. Any lady can use them at own discretion, which makes the item even more valuable. Remember about colors and patterns: active people often prefer bright colors – orange, red; calm people prefer neutral colors-gray, beige, blue…

Porcelain miltipurpose bowl
Multipurpose Designer Bowl
All purpose porcelain Bowl
Multipurpose Designer Bowl
porcelain Designer Candy Bowl Festive
Designer Porcelaine Sugar Bowl
  1. Consider person’s hobbies.

Undoubtedly, a useful gift will be one that relates to a person’s hobbies. If, for example, he is fond of fishing or hunting, then you can give something that is associated with these activities. If for some reason you don’t know what kind of gun, fishing rod, or other item from this area to give, because you don’t understand them or are afraid that your friend already has it, then think about another thing that he definitely doesn’t have. For example, a useful gift for this person will be something that is an integral part of his life. Does your friend like to spend time in nature, cooking meat over a fire? If the answer is “Yes”, then a great gift will be a quality set for a picnic and barbecue. If this set is also associated with his hobby, then the gift will be in many times more valuable and useful. Or if your friend does not like picnics, think about alternatives here. He probably likes tea! Then you can give him a tea glass that reminds him of his favorite activity, which will definitely not leave him indifferent.

Cast brass tea glass holder with glass
Handmade Cast brass tea glass holder with glass
Luxury Skewer Set for BBQ-Bestwonderstore-Gift Shop
Art Cast Brass Cognac Glass Pirate p
  1. Emphasize professional achievements.

Gifts for professional growth are very stimulating for people. Here you can start from what a person currently uses, and what can increase his or her status, or distinguish from colleagues. For example, if your friend is a doctor, then a wonderful gift will be a souvenir that will decorate the table or shelf in the office. This can be a cognac glass if your friend is positive about hot drinks. In general, a cognac glass is a universal and useful gift that can emphasize the social status of a person and become a great addition to the interior.

Luxury crystal cognac glasses
Art Cast Brass Cognac Glass Doctor m
Handmade Vodka Shot “Hockey Player” nhl
  1. Don’t forget the age.

The age category is of great importance when purchasing products. Young girls should opt for small flat-shaped earrings with a smooth surface. Jewelry can have discreet inserts or be simple. These earrings are designed to emphasize the naturalness and tenderness of young skin, without distracting attention to yourself. Girls often wear earrings in the Eastern style, which differ in length and make a ringing sound when walking. Mature women are recommended to refuse from cheap jewelry. For ladies of mature age, large earrings with inserts of precious stones will be an excellent solution. These products will attract attention, and make an emphasis, distracting from small downsides. In addition, they should pay attention to jewelry made of precious metals.

Hot Enamel Silver Jewelry is a unique designer handmade artwork when tiny glass crumbs are sintered on the silver jewelry item so it can serve you a long time without losing its shine and colors. Such dazzling beauty is a wonderful gift for woman of any age.

Hot Enamel Sterling Silver Earrings
Hot Enamel Sterling Silver Earrings

More beautiful jewelry you can find here.

  1. Use your imagination.

Do not give obscure books about health, how to quit smoking or decorative items that will just gather dust on the shelves. Also, framed photos are not the most original gift. Originality does not mean banality. One of the most important rules for choosing interesting gifts is one that will bring joy for a long time.

One of the most popular useful and eco — friendly gifts is multiple substitutes for disposable items. You can give a beautiful porcelain glass, and you will soon notice that a person goes with it for coffee or other drinks to take away, or pours a hot drink prepared at home!

Porcelain Coffee Mug with silicone lid

Porcelain Coffee Mug with silicone lid

Other types of eco-friendly and sustainable porcelain glasses are here.

  1. Think about what has happened in their lives.

Are you looking for a gift for a housewarming, wedding, wedding anniversary or jubilee? This is especially hard if you need a gift for two people. Crystal wine glasses with brass casting will be a great decoration for any couple’s evening. A delightful and useful gift will also complement the interior with its elegance and refinement.

  1. Think about what you were hinted at.

Think about what your friend really likes. Maybe he talked about something many times and you did not notice. Analyze your conversations. Your friend likes whiskey, but is sorry to add ice to it, since he does not have whiskey stones? Then we congratulate you, you have found the answer! We often skimp on buying what we want and wait for it to be given to us, but we do not talk about it directly. And, as a result, the decoding of hidden messages falls on our shoulders before the holidays.

Whisky stones set made from jade stone-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop
Whisky stones set made from jade stone-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop
Whisky stones set made from jade stone-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop
Whisky stones set made from jade stone-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop


Whiskey stones sets in our store are made from environmentally friendly materials. Skilled masters achieved great mastery in carving and processing stones as well as in cutting and polishing. Wood carving professionals create beautiful boxes from rich woods in which the rarity, texture and tint are considered. Natural jade stones and rich woods boxes make a perfect combination for a unique handmade gift.

More whiskey stones are here.

If you want to hear in response to a gift that this is exactly what a person has dreamed of, then you need not so much. Do not buy a gift close to the holiday, choose the time for this, and it is better to choose a few weeks before the event. Do not be afraid to read about items that you don’t understand and compare them with each other. Approach the choice of a gift creatively, with all your heart and you will definitely find the most suitable gift, the one that will cause delight and joy to your friend.

You will find even more ideas for useful gifts in our store. We hope that we have helped you choose something that will be a vivid memory for many years.

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