10 Best Collectible Porcelain Items

Porcelain Tea Set Golden 6 people

Porcelain tableware is one of the most valuable collectibles. If you are looking for a gift for a bone china collector or porcelain enthusiast, discover with us top collectible items that worth money. The purchase of bone china has always been a sign of a certain status, an indicator that its owner understands first-class things. Why is a porcelain tea set still a prestigious gift that will demonstrate the perfect taste of the giver? Porcelain has always been considered a treasure – from the time when it was first obtained by Chinese masters. China kept manufacturing technology in a secret even inside the country. Porcelain was exported to Europe in huge quantities, despite the fact that it cost fabulous money. Buying a porcelain set as a gift was seen as a sign of a special attitude, because such an item was appropriate to present even to a Royal person. Europeans, concerned about the enormous cost of Chinese porcelain, of course, tried to reveal its secret. This has not been done by anyone to this day, and all the recipes known today are approximate, but a completely new version of the legendary dishes.

Porcelain attracts the attention of noble people with the aura of inaccessibility, the mystery of creation. In daily use, it was available only to Royal and sovereign individuals, and at times of ceremonies and festivals porcelain was one of the attributes of power and wealth. In the XVIII century, porcelain decorated in greater abundance the ceremonial halls and private rooms, it competed in the setting of the festive table with the usual silver, framed the mirror in the boudoir, rested on the work table in the office of an aristocrat. Porcelain snuffboxes, pipes, bottles, buttons, and cases were the necessary attributes of a fashionable lady and gentleman.

Porcelain as a gift idea is always a relevant option. This is a truly prestigious gift that can be given to the highest-ranking individuals, and not lose out on the background of others. Now people often try to buy porcelain dishes as a gift, because it is a valuable and always appropriate present that will be taken in any family, besides, it tells a lot about the giver himself. In addition, porcelain is not only a utilitarian tableware, but also elegant figurines that are real masterpieces of art, watches and other items that will become a worthy decoration of any home. For example, a popular solution in recent years has become Christmas porcelain: these are figurines and dishes with themed paintings, which replace traditional gift – Christmas toys. Such a gift can be placed under the tree, or directly serve them a festive table.

If you look at any online store of tableware, you will be amazed at how wide a range of modern manufacturers offer. How can I make a choice?

  • People often stop on classic white porcelain – indeed, it is difficult to make a mistake in choosing, because this service will suit the interior in any style, from classic to the most ultramodern;
  • For specific calendar holidays, factories produce special collections of porcelain. For example, products dedicated to the New Year – cups with saucers and sets with paintings on a winter theme, which will be a nice gift that will remind of you in the long cold evenings;
  • If you choose dishes as a gift for a person who loves porcelain, pay attention first of all to non-standard shapes. For example, cheese holders, butter dishes, large plates, etc. – in short, move away from the more common tea and coffee items;
  • A luxury gift will be a picnic set. If a set of dishes for home is already quite familiar, although not out of fashion gift, then picnic sets are not for everyone. However, lovers of aristocratic meals will be happy to serve tables on country trips and will be very grateful for an extravagant gift.

High-quality porcelain is characterized by exceptional whiteness, thinness and elegance of lines, perfect smoothness and strength of the glaze. Only hand-painted paintings are used in its decoration. Each collection of elite porcelain is produced in a small batch, so it immediately has a high value. Therefore, purchasing luxury porcelain items – a single statuette, a small set, or a full service is also a profitable investment.

Acquaintance with elite porcelain should be started with factories that have their history for several centuries. Their products are almost guaranteed to grow in price over time.

The works of Meissen are considered to be the most collectible at all times. Table sets, interior items, decorative sculptures and figurines are valued for their unique shape and high artistic level, Royal status and three-hundred-year history of the brand. Objects of the early period are off particular interest for their exclusivity and a special composition of paints, which products were painted for the needs of the yard. Some items of small plastic are chosen for the rarity of the plot and the expressiveness of the character.

Sevres porcelain was created from the first days with the support of king Louis XV. The Manufacture nationale de Sèvres is one of the leading in Europe, because its task was initially to produce high-quality tableware and interior decorations. In the following years, the factory was owned by the crown, and now Sevres porcelain is produced under the management of the French Ministry of culture. Over the 280-year history of Sevres masters have created many masterpieces of hard and soft porcelain.

The works of Royal Copenhagen are gained by collectors all over the world. There are no preferences in periods: a specialist or an applicant is interested in any of them, each can find its own development features and find unique items with a high level of skill and originality of style.

Gzhel Porcelain Factory has been producing fine porcelain items for more than 200 years. The factory produces luxury products made of traditional porcelain and bone china. It is characterized by incredible strength: through the thinnest walls of the cup, the pattern shines through, but the bone china is exceptionally resistant to chipping. Products of this brand are stored on the shelves of collectors all over the world.

The Imperial porcelain factory has long been breaking records for its popularity at major auctions in Europe. Special attention is paid to items from the household of the Royal families, works of Palace furniture and rare table sets of the XVIII-XIX centuries. This is a collection of porcelain that has been preserved in single copies, each of which is associated with the history of the Russian state. Today, Imperial porcelain represents the highest quality and refined taste, a perfect combination of innovation and tradition, a spectacular decoration of the office interior and a perfect solution for every home.

The main factor that makes porcelain so valuable regardless of the prevailing fashion is its originality. To this day, you cannot buy a China tea set that is a copy with the same quality at a lower price. Porcelain cannot be forged: even those who do not understand the types and brands of porcelain, easily distinguish it from faience or ceramics. Light, snow-white, shining porcelain is nice to put on the table, with it even an ordinary dinner or tea party turns into a remarkable event. Porcelain is still recognized as a precious gift, akin to jewelry or collectible rarities – because it also will not lose its value, but only multiply it. In addition, porcelain is still a more practical item: if you are lucky enough, for example, to buy a coffee porcelain set of artful design, you cannot always keep it intact – it is impossible not to enjoy such dishes on your own table.

So, our top 10 collectible porcelain:

1.The tea set “Fantastic Butterflies” is made at the Imperial porcelain factory. Since 1744, the Imperial porcelain factory has been a manufacturer of hand-painted ceramics in Saint Petersburg. It was supported by the Russian tsars since the time of Empress Elizabeth. Imperial bone porcelain is valued all over the world and is perceived along with paintings and sculptures of famous masters. This tea set “Fantastic Butterflies” consists of 30 items for 6 people and includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, vase for jam, jam saucers, 6 coffee cups, cake plates and saucers. These sets have impeccable designs of glamourous shimmering golden butterflies with bold geometric patterns from the colours hot pink, scarlet red and mustard yellow that brings the piece together. The floral compositions have vibrant flowing petals outlined in a thick dazzling gold as they make their way across the delicate bone porcelain surface. The set was created by A. Nosova who had based on a painting of the wonderful artist Alexey Viktorovich Vorobyevsky. After working with the artist for decades, she thoroughly studied his hand-painting style. Nosova was inspired to create the set “Fantastic Butterflies” by the painted by Vorobyevsky bowl “Butterfly Flight”. She managed to keep all decorative colorful patterns of the genius author.

Coffee set Fantastic butterflies
Vintage Teapot Fantastic butterflies Shape
Sugar bowl from Coffee set Fantastic butterflies

2. This unique tea service for six people “Recollection” is made at the Imperial porcelain factory on the form “Alexandria” after the Museum model of the 1820s, which was created specifically for the Peterhof Cottage Palace. The set was painted with polychrome overglaze painting by one of the most talented artists Bogdanova who decorated this famous porcelain shape with refined and elegantly costumed figures. The decorative table objects of the service were painted with magnificent baby pink flower bouquets that attract attention to the set, friezes and discrete dahlias and roses, composed in rectangular lockets, and set off with rich gold decor. The classical composition is harmoniously combined with the ancient motifs of particularly in the predominance purple and gold paint which give regal splendor to this gala service. The gold filigree ornament is accentuated with semiprecious agate. This set consists of six teacups with saucers and cake plates, wonderful sugar bowl and teapot. The centenary history of the form, the magnificent floral ornament and overglaze painting allow the set to fit perfectly into any interior.

3. This service “Golden” reflects the heyday of the Imperial porcelain factory in the first third of the XIX century when the factory produced large ceremonial sets for the palaces of the house of Romanov. The painting uses classic blue and green tones, with an exquisite floral and geometric ornament applied to them that swirl around the delicate porcelain as it attracts the eye with its pure and luxurious design. The service is richly decorated with natural gold with filigree engraving. The abundance of gold in the painting gave the service, originally called “Armorial”, the second name – “Gold”. This wonderful tea set consists of 20 items: six cups with saucers and cake plates, and a luxury teapot and sugar bowl. Tea set “Golden” with gold etching and overglaze painting will be a valuable and prestigious gift.

Cup with saucer Golden
Tea Set “Golden” 6 people

4. Coffee service “Golden twigs” is made of the highest quality porcelain and hand-painted by Anna Nosova after the original bowl by Alexey Vorobyevsky at the Imperial porcelain factory in St. Petersburg. Alexey Viktorovich Vorobyevsky is a legend of Soviet decorative art, who created his unique method of porcelain mural: at first, he used a pen to draft a pattern and then applied a fine brush to correlate the pattern with different paints. Currently, Imperial Porcelain Factory, which has been a manufacturer of hand-painted ceramics in Saint Petersburg, monthly issues over hundreds of art pieces after paintings of A.V. Vorobyevsky. The pot is made in a classic elongated style with a large convenient handle and sharply raised spout, which makes it not only beautiful but also convenient. Cups, sugar bowl and teapot have the elevation of the lower part, which gives them special stability. The lids of the teapot and sugar bowl are made in a classic form and have a domed shape with an elongated gilded handle. The edges of the products are encircled by a magnificent gold border, and the base is painted with golden branches and flowers with splashes of vibrant colours from the delicate yet bold designs that swirl around the base. All the grandeur of the curves is complemented by a pleasant floral ornament on which the artist depicts various flowers, golden branches, and beautiful golden foliage with daring colours like hot pink, shimmering scarlet red, pastel green, baby pink and mustard yellow that all is surrounded by dazzling gold plating that has all been created with manual casting and painting. The edges of the base are separated by the density of the ornament with elements of red and white hue. The service is designed for 6 people and consists of 20 items.

Bone cina Coffee set Golden twigs
Coffee set Golden twigs

5. The winter landscape in Vorobyevsky’s works turns into a wondrous fairy-tale setting, where bright gingerbread houses, buried in snowdrifts, stand on the hill surrounded by branches and fluffy first in the snow. The artist masterfully depicts white primordial snow on the white surface of Imperial bone porcelain. In 1962, the painter embellished tea service “Dear Lady Winter” which author’s original is currently kept in the State Hermitage collection. In 1984, “Winter’s Tale” was awarded a gold medal at the International Fair in Leipzig. This design includes a heartwarming design with vibrant buildings coming in the colours scarlet red and mustard yellow with impeccable designs of the snowy atmosphere and the deep blue night sky. Currently, Imperial Porcelain Factory, which has been a manufacturer of hand-painted ceramics in Saint Petersburg, monthly issues over hundreds of art pieces after paintings of A.V. Vorobyevsky. In the modern assortment collection of IPM, the pattern has been transferred onto the form “Spring-time”.

Tea set Winter Fairy Tale
Tea set Winter Fairy Tale
Covered cup with saucer Winters Tale
Designer Porcelain Tea Pot with Hand Painting-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop
Designer Porcelain Tea Pot with Hand Painting-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop

6. This fantastic dinner set “Birds” made of Gzhel porcelain consists of 42 items that are designed to provide 6 people with a great time together. Firstly, the most ancient type of folk painting developed more than seven centuries ago is used now at the highest level and this creates the world-famous brand “Gzhel”. This unusual design is revealed in detail by unique hand-painted patterns. Every detail will immerse you in the wonderful world of Gzhel art with its unique technique. The beauty of Gzhel porcelain is enhanced by the magnificent overglaze colors and gold that adorn each set. In each set there are 6 different episodes, which are wonderful compositions of forest trees, leaves and birds. Among the drawings you can find sparrow, thrush, woodpecker, swallow, owl, and other feathered inhabitants of the forest, which are artfully drawn on all the items of the set. All the plates, saucers, shakers, tray, gravy boats and salad bowls, as well as the charming napkin holder, flower vase, tureen, dish sugar bowl, tray, cutting board and wonderful serving spoon have magnificent golden, green and blue patterns surrounding the main bird picture in the center. Of course, this gift dinner set is the dream of everyone who wants to bring more comfort and warmth to the house.

Dinning set “Birds”-Gzhel
Dinning set “Birds”

7. The beauty of Gzhel porcelain is enhanced by the magnificent overglaze colors and gold that adorn each set. In each set there are 6 different episodes, the author of which is the artist Sorokina L. Furthermore, among the drawings you can find orange-cap boletus, boletus, cep, fly agaric, toadstool, and chanterelle, which are artfully drawn on all the items of the set.

Dinning set “Mushrooms”
Dinning set “Mushrooms”

8. This funny set “Navy” of Gzhel porcelain consists of 31 items that are designed for 12 people. This unusual design is revealed in detail by unique hand-painted patterns. Lids of tea and coffee pots, sugar bowl as a top part of the milk pot are decorated with funny hand-painted birds, down part has wonderful fish in its wavy sea. The incredible Navy is in the center of each story, surrounded by cities, mountains, and other fabulous drawings with overglaze colors and gold. This wonderful set will bring an atmosphere of adventure and excitement to your kitchen.

Tea set “Navy”
Tea set “Navy”

9. An exclusive porcelain chess set has hand painting and gilding. The theme of this chess is “Presidential Regiment”. This set will be a delightful addition to any chess collection and will please the owner who collects extraordinary porcelain items.

Exclusive Chess Set
Exclusive Chess Set
Exclusive Chess Set

10. This is a traditional gzhel hand-painted porcelain dinner set with a glossy rich cobalt blue base. Of course, this porcelain dinner set has a soft but luxurious gold plating that paints a luscious floral picture on the surface of the dark blue cobalt which contrasts the shining gold exquisitely. Furthermore, the gold plating is scattered across various platforms of the glazed porcelain forming elegant swirls, leaves and petals that design fascinating blossomed flowers. These hand-painted porcelain dishes are painted with underglaze techniques which adds that glorious shine in the dining set.

Porcelaine Plate for dinner set
Designer porcelain plate cobalt painting

The value of a thing is represented in its rarity, condition, and, of course, the need for this element. Many old items, such as kitchen ware and paper products, will not be in demand years later, which is not true of quality items that are popular today: for example, items made of porcelain. If something is valued today, it will continue to be valued with a high probability. Products of limited edition are collectible items of the new time. They are manufactured in a limited quantity specified by the manufacturer. In the long run, such items increase in price at a rapid rate after they are sold out. Author’s handwork, historical and cultural value of the object, rare and high-quality production make porcelain tableware precious for any art lover.

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