5 gift ideas for wine enthusiasts


What to gift a wine lover or sommelier? If your friend is wine lover and does not hide it, it is tempting to give a wine enthusiast a useful gift to support this hobby sooner or later. Our gift guide will help you: the best gifts for a wine lover. You will find gift ideas for both simple wine lover and professional sommelier or wine steward in our selection.

Wine has always been popular – this drink will never go out of fashion. To get real pleasure, you need to have special items-from cool corkscrews and decanters to the own collection of wine corks.

What do wine enthusiasts secretly dream of?

1. Decanter

The wine went through many stages of production and was stored for many months (or even years) before being on your table. And now we need to help it reveal all its properties. To show all the shades and flavors of red wines, you need a decanter – a special vessel.

The easiest and most reliable way to please a wine gourmet. Excellent decanters are available in any price segment. Everyone who is interested in wine in a serious way knows about the benefits of this accessory during tasting, and the decanter gives aesthetic pleasure, turns a dinner with wine into a beautiful ritual. Wine lovers usually have several decanters in their collection. Who knows, perhaps it is your gift of a fancy shape that will encourage them to conquer new heights in the knowledge of wine!

  1. Cheese dishes

Cheese boards and stands, knives and strings for slicing cheese. Not obvious, but a very practical gift. A cheese plate is known to be the best wine companion, so your gift will definitely not get dusty at the bottom of the cabinet. A rotating stand, a board with a cap so that the cheese does not dry out, a knife that cuts hard cheeses into beautiful petals — if you try, you can find a truly unusual option. Porcelain cheese holders are becoming popular and useful gifts that adorn any wine party.

  1. Wine magazines, books

A subscription to a wine magazine-maybe your friend didn’t even dare to dream about it. Books authored by Hugh Johnson, for example, can also be attributed to the Golden Fund of gifts. “The World Atlas of Wine”- this book has only one drawback — its weight. Edition will please those who love wine and reading. And Moleskin has wonderful wine notebooks from the Passion series for recording your own impressions of wine, plans, tasting notes.

  1. Cosmetics based on wine

This is a striking gift for women. You can buy whole series and individual means of therapeutic and caring cosmetics based on wine products in SPA salons and online stores today. Wine for youth and beauty was used by Cleopatra, so there is no doubt about its effectiveness.

  1. Unusual wine glasses

Beautiful sets of glass products will make drinking wine even more enjoyable. Stylish and refined products made of durable glass, decorated with brass elements, golden ornaments and carvings will not leave the wine lover indifferent.

Online stores now offer a huge selection of gifts for wine enthusiasts. When looking for such a gift, avoid banal things like ties and socks with wine bottles, t-shirts with stickers in the form of vines, aprons, and other tasteless things. Intricate wine cabinets, stands and shelves in most cases gather dust in attics and storerooms, as they do not fit into the interior at all and are not functional. Our gift ideas will not only fit perfectly into any interior, but will also be useful, valuable, and memorable items.

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