Cup Sizes for Espresso, Latte, Americano, and Other Types of Coffee Beverages.


Espresso, Café Latte, Caffè Americano, Cappuccino and Mochaccino… There are many types of coffee beverages today and a choice of the best cup for each coffee drink that keeps coffee the hottest is a great deal. We will tell you about some types of coffee beverage and help to choose a right coffee cup for your drink.

Today’s world makes frenzied pace of life, so many people prefer to drink coffee to stay alert and energetic throughout the day. This unique coffee drink has its own connoisseurs who prefer to drink it in small portions, according to all the traditions of drinking coffee. For each of its types, a special cup is intended, which has its own importance. Right porcelain cup is more suitable for a beverage, helping to drink it properly, preserve the properties of coffee and hold it comfortably in your hands. Let’s learn a little about each type of coffee and the most suitable mugs for it.

Espresso – black coffee made in a coffee machine or a special coffee maker, where hot water is passed through the pressed ground grains at a pressure of 9 bar. The finished drink should have a dense foam of a golden-nut color, at least 2 mm thick. The taste of espresso is a harmonious combination of sweetness, bitterness, and light acidity. The flavors depend on the varieties of coffee beans that make up the mix, the degree of roasting, and the skills of the Barista.

The birthplace of the drink is Italy. Espresso is very quickly prepared and quickly drunk. It has several options and serves as the basis for many other coffee drinks. The word espresso in Italian means “made just now, here and just for you”. This is how the Italians understand the term.

Espresso is served within 1-1. 5 minutes after cooking, in special small coffee cups with a volume of about 50 ml or in demitasse cups. Demitasse is a small white сup that is made of thick-walled porcelain or thick ceramic. This сup is designed for a liquid volume for consuming in small portions. The demitasse porcelain cup perfectly keeps the coffee warm, so that its rich taste is fully revealed during the drinking process. Along with coffee, be sure to put on the table a glass of still water at room temperature and a glass of sugar (5 g) or a sugar bowl. Sugar is added to the finished drink (optional).

Caffè Americano is an espresso diluted with hot water. The presence of foam depends on how coffee and water are mixed.

The Italian favorite espresso seemed too strong to the American soldiers who liberated Italy from the Nazis, and the 30 ml portions after a large сup of coffee were completely ridiculous. The Italians considered the request to prepare almost a bucket of weak coffee as at least an oddity. But the client is always right. Soon, especially for Americans, espresso began to be diluted with hot water and served in latte cups. And to make it easier for military personnel who do not know Italian to order a diluted espresso, it was called Americano.

This coffee differs from other drinks with a very low concentration of caffeine: in a serving of Americano from 60 to 120 ml (and sometimes more) – the same amount of caffeine as in 30 ml of espresso.

You can’t drink Americano in one gulp like an espresso. So, it makes sense to serve it in a latte glass with a straw and sugar bowl. In the office, it is convenient to drink Americano from an eco-friendly porcelain cup.

The drink can be served with the same products as espresso: chocolate, fruit, hard cheese. But Americano is also in harmony with desserts and pastries, both sweet and salty. Classic combination – Americano with donuts.

The name “cappuccino” comes from the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, as the color of the drink resembles the beige-brown robes of the Holy brothers. The very same word capputio (Latin “Caputium”) is translated from Italian as “hood” — an indispensable attribute of the daily headdress of the Order’s servants.

Cappuccino is an Italian espresso-based coffee drink. The classic version includes a double portion of black coffee, hot milk and thick milk foam, but some baristas use cream instead of the last two ingredients, and add cinnamon, chocolate chips, and orange zest to the drink. The traditional proportions of coffee, milk and foam are 1:1:1. The classic cappuccino is served in a preheated coffee glass or porcelain cup with a volume of 150-180 ml.

Cappuccino has a mild taste with a slight coffee bitterness. If everything is done correctly, the drink should turn out sweet even without adding sugar (due to the fat milk foamed by the cappuccino machine).

Italy had its own, very special coffee with milk-cappuccino. But in the XIX century, Europe and America were struck by the fashion for everything antique, and crowds of tourists poured into Italy. Many people thought the cappuccino was too strong, so in coffee shops they asked to add more milk to the drink.

Café Latte is less strong in terms of caffeine content than cappuccino. To make a latte, 1 part of black coffee is mixed with 2-3 parts of milk. Most often, the basis for the drink is a double espresso (50-60 ml). It is mixed with 100-180 ml of milk. The serving volume is 150-240 ml.

There are two main options for serving Café Latte and Macchiato:

  • in a high transparent glass with a straw;
  • in a cup with a coffee spoon. If you gently stir the foam with it, the drink will get a particularly delicate texture.

A sugar bowl is served with the latte. Coffee goes well with pastries, jellies, mousses, desserts with mascarpone.

Mochaccino is a coffee and milkshake similar to a latte with chocolate added. There is no standard, so many Mochaccino variants have been invented. Sometimes whipped cream and marshmallows are added to the drink, but there are always three permanent ingredients: coffee, milk, and chocolate. Coffee in Mochaccino should be no more than 1/3 of the volume of the drink. The volume of portions is 160-170 ml.

In the XV–XVI centuries, when plantations were not yet established in the New World, Yemen had a monopoly on coffee trade. Arabica, which was grown in this country, had a chocolate flavor. Yemeni coffee was transported to Turkey via the port al-Mocha. Over time, the variety of Yemeni Arabica began to be called Mochaccino. This variety is still considered one of the best.

Mochaccino is served in a tall glass glass or large сup. Along with a drink, guests are offered a cocktail straw and a spoon. Coffee is not mixed, a spoon is needed to eat whipped cream. Moccachino should be sipped slowly, periodically raising and lowering the straw through all the layers.

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