Whiskey stones from Nephrite: how they work.

Nephrite Whisky Stones

Nephrite Whiskey stones: how they work, what benefits nephrite (jade) whiskey stones have, how to reach the perfect whiskey temperature with whiskey stones and why whiskey stones are worth buying – we will tell you in this article.

Why are whiskey stones better for cooling whiskey than ice?

Firstly, ice excessively cools the drink (to about 10 °C or below), which greatly affects its taste. Why is this bad? Essential oils “harden” and stop evaporating. As a result of solidification of essential oils, whiskey loses its unique flavor. No aroma – no taste (the tongue feels only bitterness, sweetness, etc.). The optimal temperature of whiskey is 15-18°C. Secondly, ice cubes keep the desired temperature for no more than 10 minutes.

How do whiskey stones work?

They work according to the laws of physics. Specialists use the so-called soapstone, steatite to make whiskey stones. For a long time, it was used for kitchen utensils – the mineral does not absorb tastes and aromas and is completely chemically neutral. However, the main advantage of soapstone is its high heat capacity and thermal conductivity: it quickly accumulates heat energy and gives it away rather slowly. Our whiskey stones are made of green and rare white jade. Jade combines impeccable qualities for cooling whiskey. The heat capacity of jade is higher than that of steatite and granite, which are usually used to make whiskey stones. Moreover, jade is credited with such healing properties as improving muscle tone, getting rid of insomnia, cleansing, and rejuvenating the body, as well as calming the nervous system.

Many people complain that Whisky Stones are not good for anything, that they do not give any effect. Of course, people who leave such reviews prefer to drink noble drinks with ice, and some even seasoned with Cola. In general, you understand what I’m trying to say – there are lots of ways how to drink whiskey. Stones almost imperceptibly cool the drink to the desired temperature, so it is difficult to keep track of their usefulness. However, true connoisseurs will feel the difference.

How to use whiskey stones?

Put the stones in the freezer 2-3 hours before the scheduled whiskey tasting. After, add them 2-3 stones per 50-60 ml of whiskey. Let me remind you that it is better to drink whiskey in small portions, 30-40 ml each, so you can do with 1-2 stones. After using the stones, wash them with clean water and dry them.

Of course, Whisky Stones can be used for other noble drinks, but their main advantage is that they are also perfect for the opposite purposes – heating drinks.

We offer eco – friendly accessories for such a noble drink as whiskey. Masters masterfully grind whiskey stones from rocks and experienced jewelers process them. After that, our masters of wood carving make boxes from noble wood, each of which is comparable to a piece of art.

Everything is taken into account: the rarity of the wood type, texture, and shade. Stone and wood merge and turn into an exquisite handmade gift – Whisky Stones, a gift for lovers of refined luxury.

Among the variety of shapes, shades and textures of the Whisky Stones, everyone can find their own individual version that meets all the requirements of preferences.

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