Designer Coffee Mug – Best Affordable Gift

Designer Coffee Mug with silicone lid

Designer coffee mug. Try to type these 3 words into Google search and you will get around 45 million search results including “50 Cool and Unique Coffee Mugs”, Modern Coffee Mugs”, “Luxury Coffee Mugs” and many more. How to choose the best and good quality designer porcelain coffee mug from that enormous selection of suppliers and manufacturers? I believe it is quite difficult task especially if you have your friend’s birthday around the corner and must make a quick decision.

Designer coffee mug should be handmade, hand-painted, made from fine porcelain and has a link to the reputable artist or manufacturer with long proven history – These are the best criteria for a great unique and memorable gift.

There is a selection of designer coffee mugs below 55$ which could be a great, affordable but the same time unique gift for a birthday, job promotion, personal achievement, and any other occasion.

Each coffee mug is handmade and hand-painted by famous Russian artists from traditional factory which counts over 70 years of history in manufacturing a true porcelain art.

Every year we are selling more than 100k designer coffee mugs across the world. Most of them goes as a gift or present for friends or loved ones. This is an absolutely good idea because we start our mornings with coffee and having a beautiful coffee mug in hand is a great beginning of the day and maybe this mug will bring you a new idea which make your day special.

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