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Porcelain Coffee Mug Gzhel - Bestwonderstore

What could be simpler than a porcelain coffee mug these days? An unbelievable number of mugs produced every year and still they are highly demanded. A mug is not that expensive and has a lot of variations in terms of design and color. Porcelain coffee mugs could be gifted to a manager, friend and of course you can also get one for yourself for Halloween.

But why do we sometimes undervalue the coffee mug and consider it as too simple to be a good gift? Maybe we have to know a bit more about the history of the designer coffee mugs that would worth to be a decent gift?

What If we say that the factory where these mugs produced was originated in 17th century and was an exclusive supplier of Russian Emperor Family. Moreover, by the middle of the XIX century, Gzhel porcelain factory was known as “Russian Staffordshire”.

What about artists who painted those mugs? They are famous for sure, they have won many awards at international exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, London, and Edinburgh. Many of their creations placed in European and Russian museums. Artists and Designers involved in the process of production of these coffee mugs work at the Gzhel porcelain factory for many years and already built the dynasties.

So here we have the most beautiful designer fine porcelain coffee mugs. Each coffee mug is hand painted; hence it is difficult to find identical pattern on the mug.

Designer porcelain coffee mugs of traditional Gzhel blue color pattern. Well known across the world sine 19th century and are still popular. Painting type: Underglaze hand-painting with double firing in the own.

Painting style: Traditional Gzhel, Folk-art, Painterly.

Travel Coffee Mug Gzhel - Bestwonderstore

Cold Coffee Mug Winter Night

Beautiful Gzhel porcelain travel coffee mug with a stunning hand-painted drawing of a cozy snowy cottage in a winter forest.

Travel Coffee Mug bby Gzhel - Bestwonderstore

Daily Mug Dragonfly and Waves

Gzhel porcelain travel coffee mug with beautiful designer hand-painting of dragonfly over the the bush.

Porcelain Coffee Mug with silicone lid

Coffee Mug Bouquet

A gorgeous porcelain coffee mug from Gzhel with a stunning bouquet of stunning blue flowers.

Colorful painting on the mugs below will be traditional as well in the next century. As for now, they are trendy and definitely eye-caching gifts. Mugs still made from fine high-quality porcelain and hand-painted by the same famous artists of the Gzhel factory.

Travel Coffee Mug Gzhel - Bestwonderstore

Industrial Mug City

Stunning handmade porcelain coffee mug from Gzhel with elegant underglaze hand painted City around the mug.

Travel Coffee Mug Gzhel - Bestwonderstore

Coffee Mug Poppy

Gzhel porcelain travel coffee mug with beautiful designer hand-painted poppy.

Travel Coffee Mug - Bestwonderstore

Flower Mug Pink Blossom

Gzhel porcelain travel coffee mug with colorful hand-painted flower.

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