Halloween Gifts 2020

Halloween gifts 2020 Bestwonderstore

Halloween gifts 2020 for adult: witch, pirate, Alice in Wonderland and Daenerys Targaryen – find unique gift ideas for Halloween 2020 in this article. If you are ready to give the owners of the Halloween party something special, look at our plates, mugs, amazing glasses, and other small souvenirs and gifts decorated with Halloween symbols.

A few words about Halloween. As you know, Halloween is celebrated on the last night of October. It was believed that the evil spirit descends on the earth at this night. In Ireland, which is the birthplace of the spooky Halloween, this day marked the final day of the harvest. Inventive people tried to scare away evil spirits, so they dressed up in fancy costumes, had fun and sang songs. These traditions have been preserved to our days. The main characters of the holiday are ghosts, mummies, witches, werewolves, as well as animals that are often associated with various types of evil spirits: cats, crows, owls, bats. To go on a visit, you need to prepare an appropriate costume, mask, or paint your face with bright colors and appear before the owners in the form of a skeleton. Black circles under the eyes, lips of the same color or spots of tomato juice on clothes – exactly what will help to make a fancy dress.

The symbol of the holiday is a pumpkin. They are especially much sold in the markets at the end of October, so you can buy any, and create different decorations from it. The main decor idea is the lanterns made from this vegetable, which are called “Jack-o’-lanterns”. To make them, you need to cut off the top of the pumpkin, clean it from the seeds, and then cut out a scary or funny face on one side. To heighten the effect, put a candle or lantern inside the pumpkin. Such lamps from a pumpkin decorate a room, a threshold in the house or a household territory, for additional decor you also use the fallen yellow, red, and other autumn leaves.

Now let’s choose the best gift for this Halloween together.

Halloween gifts 2020 Bestwonderstore

If your friend-pirate is old enough to drink alcohol beverages and you want to surprise person on Halloween, discover these gift ideas for whisky and cognac. Every teetotaler pirate will be happy to get such a gift as this tea glass. These handmade items with art cast will enhance pirate spirit and create individual details in classic pirate look. For example, art cast brass cognac glass will be a great addition to the image of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Crystal Whisky Glass-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop

Whisky Tumbler Spider Web

Pirate cast brass tea glass

Handmade Tea Glass Pirate

Cognac Glass Pirate Bestwonderstore

Cognac Glass Pirate

When you decide to hold Halloween 2020 pirate themed part, this BBQ Skewer Set “Captain” will be a great addition to it and will fascinate your guests. This set of stainless-steel skewers has a non-standard shape and incorporates the best qualities of a good gift.

Who will be a Witch of Halloween 2020?

Halloween or Hallowe'en also known as Allhalloween

What would witch of XXI century like to have on Halloween 2020? Designer porcelain tea cup and saucer are the answer. Their fascinating plot is perfect for serving hot drinks and the most dangerous potion 🙂 You can prepare a frightening dish – fried eggs and accompany it with this cup of tea, attaching the inscription “for the most charming witch” with help of the Cat.

Dragon Hallooween

Halloween is coming and your friend, who is fan of Game of Thrones, is waiting for a memorable gift. We offer lovely dragon-related gifts for such occasions. Just imagine Halloween party where Daenerys Targaryen is holding this champagne glass and Jon Snow is cooking delicious BBQ with these Dragon skewers. Nobody will leave this party, and photos from it will delight for many years to come.

Halloween gifts 2020

Good Mad Hatter Halloween Tea Party is one of the most favorite among adults and children, but it requires much time to choose the best and unique gifts among boring trinkets. You are lucky to find this porcelain set “Alice in Wonderland” made by Russian masters for our store. Click on picture and enjoy all hand-painted elements. Cheshire with magnificent captivating swirls is just indescribable

If you have not found that you have been looking for, check our autumn gifts or scroll our product categories with fantastic gifts selection for any holiday.

Have a great Halloween 2020 and stay safe!

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