9 Best Designer Luxury Cognac Snifter Glasses on Cast Stem

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What is the difference between cognac and brandy? Cognac is a type of brandy manufactured in the Cognac region of France, like Champagne which can only be produced in Champagne, France.

Brandy is a distilled spirit made from grapes or fruit-like wine which is distilled and matured in old oak barrels. The liquid, which is what most brandy looks like at first, is a specific type that would not be good for casual drinking. Moreover, the wine used in cognac is very dry, acidic, and thin. It is carefully heated in a still, where the alcohol and the wine’s excess water evaporates. Furthermore, the concentrated vapors are cooled and condensed into pure alcohol that is matured and ready in oak barrels.

According to the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), the official quality grades of cognac are:

  • V.S. (Very Special) or (three stars) designates a blend in which the youngest brandy has been aged for at least two years in a cask.
  • V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) or Reserve designates a blend in which the youngest brandy is aged for at least four years in a cask.
  • Napoléon designates a blend in which the youngest brandy is aged for at least six years.
  • XO (Extra Old) The minimum age of the youngest brandy used in an XO blend was increased to 10 years in April 2018; this rule was originally scheduled for implementation in 2016, but was postponed due to inadequate stocks. The Napoleon designation, previously unofficial, is used to specifically denote those blends with a minimum age of six years that do not meet the revised XO definition.
  • XXO (Extra Extra Old) is a specific indication given to wine spirits that have been aged for at least 14 years.
  • Hors d’âge (Beyond Age) is a designation which BNIC states is equal to XO, but in practice the term is used by producers to market a high-quality product beyond the official age scale.

To fully enjoy the sophisticated aromas and flavors, a right brandy snifter glass is essential to direct the flavors to the correct parts of your nose, mouth, and palate. The best and general style of brandy and cognac glassware is a snifter glass. Well known for its large bowl size, a snifter allows the aromas and flavors to blossom and build inside so that the drinker gets an enhanced and exquisite experience.


Luxury Filigree Cognac Glass Knight. Being art lovers, we admire the legends and philosophical ideas implemented in the creations of the masters. This unique cognac glass made of Paşabahçe crystal glass and brass is a magnificent adaptation work of the famous Victor Vasnetsov painting “The Knight at the Crossroads” with the idea of choosing the life path. “He who goes straight will be dead. He who goes right will find a wife. He who goes left will be wealthy and rich.” – they are the words engraved on the rock at the crossroads – which way would you choose?

Luxury Cognac Glass - Bestwonderstore

This elegant Crystal Cognac snifter Wolves is made from brass by art casting under vacuum. A wolf pack is an amazing phenomenon when animals live according to their own laws, which admires many fans of wolves. The foot of the glass is the grass where three wild wolves show their strength to the others. The stem of the glass is a huge tree under which wolves growl and bite each other. Packed in a wooden leather box, this cognac glass will be a great gift for your father, brother, husband, colleague or boss, who will drink cognac from it with great pleasure.

Designer crystal cognac glass - Bestwonderstore

Absolutely astonishing designer bronze cognac snifter with a realistic golden/silver scorpion design of the stem. The scorpion tale holds the crystal glass, which gives an elegant and splendid touch. The scorpion has a fabulous realistic design and the way it crawls waiting to attack its precious prey is striking in its realism.

Luxury Designer Crystal cognas snifter - Bestwonderstore

Fill up with the free pirate spirit and become a member of the ship crew while drinking your favorite cognac from this drop-dead amazing brass glass with a stunning design which glass is made of crystal glass. The glass brass work is full of exciting adventurous elements including a treasure map that will guide your ship to the magic island, sunken ships that found their death on their way to the hidden treasure, a hairy appalling pirate with a huge hat on his head, and a monstrous enormous octopus at the bottom of the ocean. Every element of this piece is carefully crafted so all cast components interact with each other forming an audacious design.


Miracle Artistic foundry Cognac snifter Fisherman is made of brass by art casting under vacuum. The foot of the glass is the bottom of the river, where there are algae, snags, and small fish. The stem of the glass is a huge pike that has its head pressed to the bottom, and its tail is holding a crystal glass. The crystal bowl depicts a fisherman in a boat, who throws a net into the water and waits for the catch. Packed in a wooden leather box, this glass will be a great gift for your father, brother, husband, colleague, or boss, who will drink cognac from it with great pleasure.

Art Cast Crystal Cognac Glass - Bestwonderstore

Miracle Art Cast Crystal Cognac Glass Fishing is made of brass by art casting under vacuum. The foot of the glass is divided into the shore, where the fisherman stands and pulls the rod, and the water, from which a huge fish hangs on the rod and splashes with all its force, creating waves. The stem of the glass is a lush willow under which the fisherman is about to win the battle with the fish. The heart of every fisherman will be captured by this such a stunning gift packed in a wooden box with velvet lining.

Art Cast Crystal Cognac Glass

Cognac is a noble drink for strong individuals. Professionals in oil and gas industry definitely fit into the category and will appreciate this “Oilmen” cognac snifter made of brass and Paşabahçe crystal glass. Scenes of oilmen working hard in the oilfield is a striking art cast work by a skilled master. Every part of this glass is carefully crafted so you can even define the focused facial expressions of oilmen standing next to the X-mass tree, let alone masterly created surroundings with mechanical parts. Brandy, cognac or liquor will play and smell beautifully in this amazingly graceful cognac glass. A gift placed in a high-quality leather case will be unambiguously appreciated by people in the industry.

Art Cast Cognac Glass Capercaillie Hunting

This original Art Cast Cognac Glass Capercaillie Hunting is made of brass by art casting under vacuum. The foot of the glass is a forest cover dotted with leaves, branches, and roots. In the center of the story is a hunter who disguised himself under a pile of branches and leaves and is now waiting for the moment to attack three capercaillies nearby. The stem of the glass is an old oak tree that encircles the bowl of crystal glass with its crown.

Designer Luxury Art Cast Cognac Glass Doctor

The snake is the first and main emblem of medicine. The image of a snake coiling around a staff has been used as a medical symbol since ancient times. It can be seen both on the packaging of medicines and on medical institutions. For thousands of years, the snake symbolizes wisdom, omniscience, knowledge and immortality. That is why the snake encircles this wonderful crystal glass with the golden rim, under it on the foot of the glass there is a female doctor in a mask. The doctor is surrounded by a brass composition in medical themes, executed in the art casting and polishing technique: head frontal mirror, syringe, microscope, stethoscope and other tools. In a luxurious box made of artificial leather with velvet inside, an unusual cognac glass will be the perfect gift for a doctor.

If you are on cognac side but your beautiful half prefers wine, we have got selection of really amazing wine glasses.

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