Nephrite Whiskey Stones and Glasses: Perfect Christmas Gift 2020 for Whiskey Lovers.

Whisky stones set made from jade stone-Bestwonderstore-Exclusive Gifts Shop

Christmas is coming and this is a time to select perfect Christmas gift for your half or friend. Here we would like to give you some ideas about what to gift to the people who felt in love with whisky. Bestwonderstore offers an excellent selection of nephrite whisky stones for whiskey lovers and unique art-cast (foundry) whiskey and bourbon glasses that will be the best gift set for Christmas this year. Whiskey enthusiasts can enjoy a clean drink: stones will not dilute the drink, cooling it and preserving the taste, and the glass will look great in any interior.

The whisky stones are made of 100% natural material – nephrite (jade). Each set is exclusive. It is impossible to make an exact copy due to the peculiarities of the material used and the creative approach of the master.

Advantages of using whisky stones for cooling drinks:

  • Enjoy the original taste and aroma of the drink. Firstly, the nephrite cubes are cooled to the desired temperature, keeping it optimal for a long time. Secondly, stones, unlike ice, do not melt, so this method of cooling is not diluted with water.
  • Health Benefits. Nephrite stones are not only safe, but also useful for health due to the healing properties that jade (nephrite ) has. It is believed that jade normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the lungs and heart, protects hair from drying out, strengthens the liver, stomach, heart, bones, the entire circulatory system, vision, hearing.
  • Preservation of aroma and taste. Jade stones do not react with the drink and do not absorb its smell.
  • Easy to use. Jade stones are suitable for multiuse.

Nephrite stones also maintain desired temperature of any drinks. Unlike ice, jade has a high heat capacity, which allows it to keep not only cold, but also warm, so that with the help of jade cubes you can both cool any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and keep tea or coffee hot.

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Unique handmade whisky tumbler glasses will help to increase the pleasure of drinking whiskey, bourbon, and other alcoholic beverages. The crystal glass will perfectly convey the color of the drink, and the design of the bronze base in a form of surprisingly realistic hunting, fishing, construction work or even spider-net scenes will certainly impress every guest! We offer a huge selection of whiskey glasses, read about them in this article.

Each product presented in our store has its own unique charm, soul, character and history. Love for this work, the warmth of craftsman’s hands-all this makes the product truly alive, filled with energy and images. Such a stylish and useful gift as whiskey stones and a glass will make its owner the happiest person on Christmas 2020.