Travel Coffee Mug Bullfinch by Gzhel

Travel Coffee Mug Bullfinch by Gzhel

Today let us talk about one of the most distinctive travel coffee mugs in our shop collection which is Bullfinch mug from the Gzhel factory.

Coffee is one of the most famous and most respected drinks in the world. Coffee utensils nowadays are not necessarily the common cups and coffee sets, but also original handmade and hand painted travel coffee mugs of different kinds. People often prefer buying not the traditional snow-white coffee sets in the form of cups with a thin handle, but different types of mugs with variable design. Due to its properties, porcelain is a classic material to produce high quality coffee mugs. It retains heat for quite a long time, looks aesthetically pleasing and allows you to create a variety of patterns and shapes on its surface.

The coffee mug Bulfinch is made from high quality porcelain in the famous Gzhel Factory in Russia. The white inner surface of this cup guarantees an excellent color contrast, whereby the coffee always looks rich and strong.

The mug is hand-painted by Famous Russian artists with a blue masterpiece of an exotic Eurasian Bullfinch accompanied by plump berries on an exquisite floral bush.

Additionally, the mug is covered with a circular artistic piece with every intricate detail to be viewed as a pure rich blue perfect painting. Furthermore, the mug also includes a dark blue silicone lid which compliments the colour scheme. The mug has excellent thermal insulation to protect your hand while enjoying coffee.

This designer coffee mug will definitely become a handy and stylish accessory that will turn a simple coffee drinking process to a brighter and more enjoyable experience.

In addition to said above Travel Coffee Mug Bullfinch could be a nice light gift to your friend or colleague.

Size of coffee mug is 400ml.

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