Porcelain Coffee Mug by Gzhel

Designer coffee mug

Porcelain coffee mugs, tea sets, dinner sets from the Gzhel factory are definitely not created according to the canonical rule or standard formula – they retain true folklore and improvisation. Traditional freestyle hand-painting makes Gzhel tableware unique and demanded across the world.

Gzhel, a world-famous folk-art craft porcelain factory, traces its history back to 1818, when small manufacture for “the production of porcelain” tableware and sculptures opened in Novokharitonovo, Russia.

The Gzhel factory is well-known for not only its remarkable history but extraordinary people. Each coffee mug, tea set or dinner set produced there is hand painted by famous Russian artists who have been serving the factory for decades and they even created dynasties preserving and passing the secrets of traditional Gzhel folk-art from generation to generation.

One of the most recognized artists of Gzhel factory is Maryia Kaligina. Maryia graduated from the Gzhel State College of Industrial Art and during the following 15 years, she had been working at the Gzhel factory making our world better by creating amassing paintings on coffee mugs, tea sets and many other products manufactured by Gzhel.

Bestwonderstore has a complete collection of porcelain coffee mugs hand painted by Mrs. Kaligina. Each mug is unique in its detail since it is not possible to make absolutely the same painting by hand as well as it is not Gzhel’s philosophy.

Such coffee mug can become a great gift with a strong link to history and the people who made it for us.

Our collection also features marvelous cheese holders designed and hand painted by Maryia Kaligina.