Hand Painted Porcelain Travel Mug

5 Why’s to choose Hand Painted Porcelain Travel Mug as an ideal gift for your Colleague, Mate, Friend.

First of all, our travel coffee mugs have a strong link to history. All of them are made at the World-Famous Russian Porcelain Manufacture Gzhel which has got over a hundred years of history in making unique folk-art porcelain products of different kinds.

Secondly, every coffee mug is made and hand-painted by a professional artist with a significant number of both domestic and international awards and by one who has devoted years of his life to the factory creating beautiful masterpieces which captures people’s hearts.

The third reason is that our porcelain coffee mugs are eco-friendly and made from only high-quality porcelain using the old-days manufacturing process. You can hardly believe it, but in the 21st century, there is still a big factory where no machinery is used to produce the highest quality products. Every mug, plate, bowl, and many other tableware pieces are produced by hand. Just imagine, Gzhel produces over 40,000 handmade and hand-painted items every year!

The fourth reason is that none of the pattern’s details on the coffee mug are repeated. Every mug is unique even though the pattern used might seem generally the same. If you take a closer look and compare, you may notice the difference in the details, shade, touch, curve. It is a true art of traditional Gzhel floral ornament where the artist is free to improvise by adding modern notes or to even completely dive into the imaginary world using the traditional Gzhel hand-painting style.

Fifth, the hand-painted porcelain travel mug is a simple not expensive but unique gift for any occasion.