What to give a man for the New Year 2021


Choosing a gift is not easy, and it is doubly difficult to decide on a gift for a man. What to give a man for the New Year 2021 to make him happy?

Adult boys no longer believe in Santa Claus, but always dream of getting a useful and pleasant gift for the New Year. The main thing in a present for a man for the New Year 2021 is the exclusivity of the gift. Unique hand-crafted items, that no one has ever given a man before, are perfect. Here are some ideas.

Gifts for office workers.

What is ideal for a friend or colleague, but also suitable for a spouse who spends a lot of time in the office? Do not give a flash drive, laptop stand, pen, or diary – these are banal things that any man can buy for himself. It is worth presenting something that will make everyday work a little more pleasant – for example, a cup for coffee to cheer up before the deadline. Our store offers great porcelain coffee mugs are perfect for this purpose.

Gift for outdoors activities.

You can decide what to give a man for the new year in this category within any budget. You can buy a BBQ set (our store offers these ones with unbreakable dishes that you can take on a hike), a tent, a mini-refrigerator, a folding chair or table, and a powerful flashlight. Good gifts are also sets for poker and other board games. By the way, our store has three gorgeous travel picnic sets with cards: Travel Picnic Set “Gamer”, Travel Picnic Set “Three”, Travel Picnic Set “Two”.

A connoisseur of alcoholic beverages.

Whiskey stones are an accessory to the culture of drinking whiskey. They can be used to cool drinks such as whiskey, rum, scotch and others without diluting them. For the production of our whiskey stones, jade is used, which has a high heat capacity. This stone has many other useful properties. Read about them, and how to properly use jade stones for whiskey in our article.

You can also give a wonderful holder for glass of whiskey to a lover of a noble drink. Designer glasses with casting will be an unexpected and very pleasant gift. The assortment of our store includes similar glasses for cognac, wine, champagne, as well as shots for liqueur, vodka, and cocktails.

Hunter and fisherman.

A gift related to this hobby will be the best on any holiday. If a man is interested in hunting or fishing, you can give him useful and unique items from our collections of gifts for hunters and fishermen.

Premium gifts.

if you are looking for a truly expensive and luxury gift, you should get acquainted with the products of Zlatoust. They use gilding, art casting, handmade painting, staged engraving, etching, polishing and inlaid with precious stones.

Choose a quality gift for a man: pay attention to how the item is made, what materials it is made of, and how it is packed. Gifts in our store are hand-crafted by the best Russian masters in every field: porcelain production and painting, art casting, gilding and inlay of household items.