Yo Ho Ho, and the glass of Cognac.


What comes to your mind once you come across a pirate story? The life is filled with adventure and lack of rules. Free spirits plow the seas and oceans. You can become the captain of a terrifyingly scary ship and the crew of your choice. No doubts, at least once you thought about how great it would be to feel like a pirate. Especially when the movie Pirates of the Caribbean came out. In this article, we will dive into the world of sea adventures and pirates. We will also discuss one of our most popular glasses. Designer Cognac Glass Pirate.

Pirates tell no tales.


The movie Pirates of the Caribbean owes its birth to California Disneyland. In 1967, an attraction called Pirates of the Caribbean was built in the park.

The attraction immediately became one of the most popular and joined the ranks of the park’s franchises around the world. It took a little over three ten years for the Disney studio to decide to breathe life into the surroundings of the attraction by releasing a whole series of films.

The first part of the film instantly sunk into the souls of the audience, awakening the spirit of adventurism.
Many awards and billions in box office receipts have helped the film franchise continue to delight us to this day.


Jack Sparrow. Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow. Perhaps the most memorable personality in the entire saga about a fairy-tale world full of pirate passions. And this is not without reason. Johnny Depp did his best to make his character original and not boring.

The actor wanted Jack Sparrow to have golden teeth, therefore, so that his idea would not be refuted before filming, he simply took and inserted himself gold implants, which he announced until the end of the filming of the third part of the saga.

It was rumored that the actor tried to eat raw meat because pirates often did so as there was no way to cook it.
Well, let’s say thank you Johnny, and move on.

On our glass, the main place is occupied by the image of Davy Jones. Captain of the cursed ship, with an octopus’ tentacle beard. He is cruel, cunning, and insidious, as he requires the fulfillment of all the promises given to him, while he himself does not always keep them. Despite this, Davey sometimes still shows feelings of love and affection, because the place of sentimentality is everywhere.

Why did we decide to depict him on our glass? Why not the same Jack Sparrow, or maybe Will Turner.

To do this, we will plunge into the world of pirate legends not directly related to the film.


Sea devil

The sea devil, who embodied all the horrors of the world. Lord of the sea hell, tempter and tormentor of the souls of sailors. The legends about him frightened the sailors so much that they were ready to die before they were released, but on land that they would fall into the possession of the land devil, rather than live longer, but fall into the hands of Davy Jones. This is the name given to the sea devil. It was with this superstition that the pirates explained cowardice in battle.

There is an expression “to get into Davy Jones’ locker”, which means death. In this case, the word Locker is the ocean that takes the bodies of the dead sailors along with their souls.


There was another myth. A deal could be struck with Jones.
he could extend the life of a deceased pirate for several years, but then he was sure to take him. Why the sea devil suddenly acquired an English name is not exactly known. He may have something to do with the pirate David Jones, who operated in the Indian Ocean in the 17th century.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is also not only a movie fiction but also a marine legend.

The legendary ghost ship that cannot land. A ship doomed to sail the seas forever. Witnesses observed this ship from the land from afar, usually surrounded by a glow. When the damned ship met with another ship at sea, its commander (Dutchman) always tried to convey messages to people dear to them, to those who have been dead for many years. Despite such an innocuous meeting, the meeting with the Flying Dutchman was considered a very bad omen.

Unfortunately, “Pirates of the Caribbean” is misleading us. Davy Jones, according to legend, had nothing to do with the damned ship. “Flying Dutchman” title. Received for a reason. If the ship is Dutch, then its captain must also be Dutch. Dutchman’s real captain was Philip van der Decken or Philip Straaten.


Legend has it that Philip was cursed twice. His ship was returning from India and was carrying a young couple on board. Philip was blinded by the girl’s beauty and character, so he killed her fiancé, hoping that the grieving woman would become his beloved. Unfortunately, the girl could not bear the pain of loss and committed suicide by throwing herself overboard.

With this murder, the captain incurred the first curse. The murder of a passenger was considered the gravest sin.

The second curse was the moment when the Dutchman approached the Cape of Good Hope. At that moment, a violent storm arose. The team, to ensure safety, demanded to go ashore and wait out the storm there, but the captain shot the main rebel. Philip was ready to go ashore only after the ship had bypassed the cape.

The subsequent actions were retold many times. Either the Captain cursed God, or the Devil offered him a good deal. But the Cape of Good Hope became Cape Horn (the southernmost point of America), and the ship itself went to wander the seas of either the Indian or the Atlantic Ocean. He no longer tries to round the cursed cape, he walks back and forth, promising misfortune to any sailor who is not lucky to see him.

Dead Man’s Chest

Again the legend that is mentioned in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In the Caribbean, there is a small, even tiny island called the Dead Man’s Chest. It is believed that he got this strange name thanks to the formidable pirate Edward Teach, nicknamed Blackbeard. About 16 disgruntled sailors rioted. Edward shot one of them, the rest surrendered after that. After that, the body of the deceased was thrown into the chest, and the rest of the rioters – along with this chest – were landed on the island. The guilty, allegedly, were also given a bottle of rum, because rum, as you know, does not quench, but intensifies thirst. Here, however, there is one small snag. Rum was too expensive and too prized by pirates to distribute 15 bottles of the drink to rioters like this. It’s like giving them gold bars with diamonds.


There is also another version. The word “Chest” in English means both “chest” and “chest”. Then there is no “Dead Man’s Chest”, but there is a “skeleton”, well, and an island, respectively – “the island of the skeleton.” One way or another, the incident gave rise to the famous song: “15 people on a dead man’s chest.” But the island itself has earned the glory of the damned. This means that stops on such an island should have been avoided. It should be noted that the pirates considered many locations on the map to be “cursed”. And the reasons were very different: dark stories, murders of children, witches, werewolves, and so on. William Bould, a Scottish pirate whose “career” lasted for several months, was caught by an English patrol because he considered a little, a lot of the entire Bahamas, including New Providence, cursed.


Well, as you have seen, the pirates of the Caribbean hides many real sea legends in their creation. That is why we have chosen this scenario for our glass.

We hope that every glass owner will be able to feel the whole hidden history of its creation. The real story of Davey Jones, intersecting with the legend about him. The spirit of pirate and adventure.

Captain Jack Sparrow would appreciate the design of our glass and would take a sip of rum from it, although we recommend a more noble drink.

If this story somehow didn’t get you hooked, don’t despair. Check out our list of glasses and their story.