The Health Benefits of Getting The COVID19 Vaccine Shots


Ever since the COVID19 pandemic entered our lives, things have never been the same before! There have been unexpected lockdowns, non-anticipated closures, and unbearable losses like never before.

Although it did have a significant impact on the lives and health of the people too, it would be more appropriate to call it a pandemic that took away everything by storm!

The worst part about this virus was its rapidly mutating variants and strains. It almost seemed as if the COVID19 virus was smarter than any of the geniuses or experts working at the labs to discover a possible cure for it because as soon as they seemed to stumble upon a worthy or promising treatment regimen, the COVID19 virus would mutate and make things difficult for everyone once again.

But then started the struggle for developing a vaccine for this virus. This developmental process was yet another challenge for all the research experts and scientists all over the world, for developing such a vaccine that would not only help put the virus in its rightful place but would also help in boosting the immune response in the people so that they become less vulnerable and more competent when it comes to fighting off the virus and its resulting disease.

COVID19 And The Development of Vaccines

Several major and minor pharmaceutical companies joined heads together while some also worked individually to develop such a breakthrough, marvelous vaccine that would finally put an end to this deadly virus and its even deadlier outcomes.

China, the United States of America, Russia, the United Kingdom, and several other nations joined hands and put their best pharmaceuticals to work in the hopes of becoming the first nations to develop this breakthrough vaccine.

Using different techniques and components of the COVID19 virus, different vaccines slowly started emerging in the world. They were based on different principles, some were based on similar ones too, but all claimed to successfully decrease the infectivity period caused by the virus and therefore, decrease the mortality rates that were soaring back then.

The earliest vaccines to get introduced to the world included China’s Sinopharm, Russia’s Sputnik, the USA’S Pfizer, the UK’s AstraZeneca, etc.

COVID19 Vaccines and The Associated Misconceptions

Obviously, with everything comes its respective pros and cons. As soon as the vaccines got introduced to the world, there was chaos like never before. Reluctant crowds, enthusiastic crowds, negligent, and the ignorant crowd – all seemed to get hyped over what the vaccines were about and whether they were worthy of being injected or not.

Some people rightly refused to get any vaccines for life. In their opinion, they were independent and wise enough to make their decisions for themselves and so, did not want the decision to get vaccinated to be imposed upon them forcibly. Some other people were ready to get the vaccines done out of curiosity and mostly because they were all fed up with the unwanted and unnecessary restrictions that were being imposed upon them, thanks to the lockdowns.

However, the overall advent and the introduction of vaccines to the world were enough to spark controversies throughout the world. This was yet another challenge that the authorities had to deal with because even if all people could not get vaccinated, it would still take more than half of them to get vaccinated if the development of herd immunity was to be achieved.

Therefore, different policies and incentives started to be announced in the hopes that more and more people would get vaccinated or would become willing to get the shot to boost their immunity!

Side Effects of The COVID19 Vaccines

Even though all were based on slightly or greatly different techniques, the principle behind the development of all the vaccines throughout the world was one – the development of several competent and active antibodies that would immediately sense in case the COVID19 virus enters the body.

These antibodies were then thought to take care of the virus by immediately stepping ahead to eliminate the virus or to inactivate it, thus rendering it useless to affect the person at all.

Many people were skeptical if the virus was to negatively impact their bodies in the form of side effects, but thankfully all the Phase I, II, and III trials proved to be successful and had no significant side effects on the people who were injected with these vaccines.

In fact, local side effects and reactions including arm pain, soreness, tenderness, and the development of a slight fever were all that was expected and so, were seen to develop in the patients. This side effect was resolved within a week and so, there was no other danger imposed due to the jabs in people.

Health Benefits of The COVID19 Vaccines

Another surprisingly wonderful impact that the COVID19 vaccines had on the people was a positive and healthy impact on the people’s health. Several people noticed positive impacts on the health only after they had been injected with both the recommended doses of the vaccine, thus proving that this vaccine was indeed having only good and healthy effects on the people and had no link whatsoever with wreaking havoc on the people’s health at all.

Let us have an overview of how the COVID19 vaccines helped different people in witnessing a hopeful and positive impact on their health.

  • It Improved The Overall Health:

Since these vaccines were initially meant to take care of a person’s immunity, this is what they did in real life as well.

People noticed a healthy and positive immune response and also noticed that even if they got tested positive for COVID19, they mostly stayed asymptomatic or developed very few side effects as compared to the unvaccinated population around them.

This was an indicator of how the COVID19 vaccine had helped people in strengthening and activating their immune system so that it reacted just at the right time.

  • It Helped People Get Rid Of Their Addictions:

Since the COVID19 vaccines were mostly linked with promoting a healthy impact on the body, many people noticed that their favorite whiskey or cognac did not impress them anymore after getting vaccinated with both the recommended doses of the vaccine.

An interesting reason for this would have to do something with the vaccine altering the addiction and its mechanisms in such a way that the body senses those addictions that are unhealthy for it in the long term and so, simultaneously, works on reducing their interest in a person while on the same hand, works to improve the immune response, thus also improving the health of a person.

But these are mere speculations that were noticed in a significant number of people. What is authentic would only come forward when there is sufficient research present to back up the topic with solid evidence. But if it does get authenticated, it would indeed be great news for all those alcohol addicts who have been wanting to give up on their addiction for a long time now.

  • It Reduced Other Infections:

Also being reported by the people, they have noticed that their overall health and well-being now stand stronger and better than before. This was put forward after the people noticed that their response against developing other common infections too, was significantly reduced.

Common infections include flu, fever, cough, that are often seen to develop in people as soon as the weather changes. But the fact that this was reducing too, was hopeful and helped the people in understanding that the vaccine meant no harm to them.


It is understood that more research is needed to authenticate the above mentioned claims, but what has usually been observed in the people is a hopeful and positive response when injected with the COVID19 vaccines.

These people were happy with their increased immune response and it was hoped that once a significant majority of people get injected, it would very soon be easier to control the rapidly spreading, deadly COVID19 virus!

It is also hoped that the taboo and stigma attached to these vaccines would very soon be finished when the reluctant people will see that the vaccines did nothing wrong to the people. If anything, they simply amplified and enhanced their immune response, making it easier and almost normal to live with the virus in the first place!


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