Poseidon. True story of the God


What makes us happy? A feeling of peace and relaxation. The first thing that comes to mind is the sound of the surf. Sit by the sea or the ocean. Feel the light breath of the ocean breeze. But what lies beneath that beautiful azure veil? According to ancient Greek myths, Poseidon, the god of the seas, lives at the bottom of the sea with the sea creatures as his friends and servants.
He is the god who rules all water in the universe. We want you to know his story, which, unfortunately, was not always beautiful.



Poseidon is the commanding god of the seas, the creator of floods and storms. He is the son of Krohn and Rhea. Poseidon was the most destructive god of Olympus. His harsh and combative nature extended not only to the divine family, but also to mere mortals.
Perhaps this behavior can be explained by an extremely difficult childhood and the attitude of a father.
The fact is that Cronus ate his children so that they did not become an obstacle to his rule. When Rhea gave birth to Poseidon, his father devoured him as well without remorse.

Zeus was extremely unhappy at this loss of future gods and poisoned the child-eater. Cronus vomited up Poseidon and several other children who had been eaten earlier. There is also a theory that Rhea fed her husband foals instead of children and hid the children in Rhodes. In any case, one should not expect a father-son relationship in this story. So Poseidon grew up power-hungry, independent, strong, and of course, like any god, beautiful. But when Zeus staged a battle with the Titans, Poseidon sided with him and his brothers against his own father.

Family matters

After the victory, the brothers began to decide who would get which piece of land as ruler. Poseidon became the ruler of a quarter of the world – the sea. Hades led the realm of the dead. Zeus became the ruler of the sky. Poseidon settled down as the king commanded. He built himself a huge golden palace. The walls of the palace were decorated with coral and flowers of all different colors.


He was surrounded by an entourage of sea creatures and huge stables. Despite all his wealth, the king of the seas was unhappy with the piece of rule he was given. He kept trying to defeat Zeus and gain his power for himself. At one point, he even threw an island that belonged to Zeus at the Titan, who still sits enthroned beneath him. An extreme attempt to gain power hurt Poseidon greatly. Zeus put him in prison for a while, which dampened his zeal and calmed the king of the seas.



Although Zeus put an end to Poseidon’s attempts to take away his power, the king of the seas did not stop. He wanted to grab a piece of land, and on a larger scale. The first city on his list was Athens. He decided to endow the city with a spring, which unfortunately turned out to be too salty. Athena could stand it no longer and also did her part by giving the city an olive tree. A dispute arose between the gods, and Zeus ordered a vote. In the vote, the votes were divided by gender.

Male Gods voted for Poseidon, and the female gods voted for Athena. The advantage of a female vote made Athena the winner. Poseidon became angry again and said he would order an unprecedented flood. To avoid casualties, he was appeased by banning the women of Athens from voting and instituting patriarchy.After some time, Poseidon again began to fight with Athena for power in Trezen. Zeus was so tired of the constant wars that he simply divided the island into two equal parts. Restless Gods was again unhappy and the war continued.Poseidon took turns trying to take power away from the gods, who were already very tired, but no one gave up their position. An angry and resentful Poseidon created a drought in Argolis to attract attention. All the streams, lakes and rivers dried up at once. The king of the city was in utter despair, not knowing what to do. He ordered his daughters to find the culprit by all means and appease him. One of the daughters, Aminona, succeeded in persuading the king with the help of feminine charms. After all, Poseidon was very fond of women. God had mercy and gave the lady an inexhaustible spring, this time fresh water that never ran dry.It’s also worth noting that in addition to all the negative aspects of his character, Poseidon was also very sensitive. The Minotaur, a terrible bull-headed monster, is also his work in the name of revenge. He enchanted the wife of one of the evildoers so that she longed for a bull, and the Minotaur became the fruit of her love.

The Love Story

Although Poseidon loved women, as ruler of the seas he had to have a wise and beautiful goddess by his side. His eyes fell upon the daughter of the sea elder Nereus, Amphitrite.
Once he saw her and her sisters dancing on the shore of the island. He was so struck by her beauty that he immediately wanted to take her to his kingdom in his chariot. But Amphitrite did not want to be his wife at all, so she hid with the Titan Atlas, who holds the firmament on his shoulders. Poseidon was looking for a future wife for a long time, until the dolphin showed him her hiding place. In return, he accepted the dolphin into the celestial constellations. Poseidon abducted Amphitrite and married her.Thus Amphitrite became the wife of Poseidon and bore him a son, Triton.


Even gods cheat

Although he had a happy family, Poseidon did not differ in his loyalties.

One of them was the Gorgon Medusa.

He pursued her for a long time, trying to win her favor. Because of him, Medusa fled to the temple of Athena to seek shelter. This action was a punch in the stomach for Poseidon. Thus, a girl rejected the great god. From then on, Poseidon wanted to get his hands on the girl at any cost. Like a fanatic, he searched everywhere in the world for her. He reincarnated himself as a bird and found Medusa in the temple. He took her by force, which angered the gods because he desecrated the temple. They were furious with Medusa, though she immediately went to Athena and, after telling them everything, asked for help.

Athena was so angry that instead of taking care of the situation, she turned the girl into a monster with snakes on her head. Anyone who looked at her turned to stone.

After the sad story with Medusa, Poseidon was not sad. He continued his life with many mistresses.


Kenida became his most unusual lady. After her pleasures, she asked him to turn her into a man. According to the will of the Sea King, she turned into the stern warrior Kenei and became a great king in the future. But death set everything right again, and the shadow of a girl who is not a strong warrior walks on the land of Hades.

Amphitrite looked sadly on the pleasures of her husband, but held out for a long time. But eventually the jealousy and anger of women took its toll. Again it was not the traitor who suffered, but his mistress. This time the victim was a girl named Skilla. She did not even suspect the wrath of her lover’s wife and went to bathe in her favorite spring, which had already been poisoned by Amphitrite. Skilla turned into a monster with many dog heads and paws. Poseidon got out of the water again and continued his naughty life.

Walk on earth

When Poseidon left his kingdom, he rode across the land in a golden robe on a chariot drawn by horses with golden manes and bronze hooves. The god’s chief attributes were a trident, a bull, a dolphin, and a horse. The trident gave him strength in battles and power over the seas. The bull embodied the fury and power of the water currents. The turmoil of the waters is symbolized by horses. The god’s sacred creature, the dolphin, symbolized the calm of the waters and appeasement.

In the world culture

Despite his difficult fate, rebellious life, and passion for war, Poseidon holds an important place in both ancient Greek history and the world.

Poseidon is often mentioned in art. There he appears as a powerful man with a beard and trident, sometimes adorned with sea creatures. He is also depicted on a chariot pulled half by horses, half by fish.

One of the most famous representations of Poseidon is a two-meter high bronze statue made around 460 BC. Poseidon is also mentioned in many film adaptations.


We hope you were interested in learning the true story of the ancient Greek god who led quite a colorful and interesting life. Get our jar with his likeness to fully immerse yourself in the story. Feel like a real ruler of the seas.