Medusa The Gorgon. True history


Which culture has brought us more myths and legends? Greek, of course. Olympus gods, mythological heroes, ancient Greeks, and many others. Greek mythology had a very large impact on the development of art and world culture. Laid the foundation for an endless number of religious ideas about people, gods, and heroes.

Therefore, we dedicated several of our glasses to this mythical theme. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most interesting stories. This article is about Medusa the Gorgon.

Medusa’s history

Of course, each of us at least once heard about the Medusa. a terrible monster with snakes on its head. Everyone who looked into her eyes turned to stone.

Perhaps it will be a discovery for you that Medusa the Gorgon were not always like this. She did not become a monster of her own free will. A once beautiful woman was betrayed and humiliated. Let me tell you her true story.

Medusa was one of the sisters of the Gorgon, the daughter of Phorcys and Keto. All three girls were referred to as mermaids, however, only Medusa was mortal. Her second name, Gorgon, from her mother, meant “wild look.”

Medusa the Gorgon was a woman of extraordinary beauty and very charming. As soon as she walked past the men, they all turned to look at her in love. But she was a priestess at the temple of the Goddess Athena, and like all the other priestesses took an eternal vow of celibacy.


The Betrayal


But even such measures did not save Poseidon himself from falling in love with the beautiful creation. The god of the seas was so fascinated by her beauty. That he gave himself his word, by all means, take possession of Medusa.

According to one legend, Poseidon turned into a horse, according to another – the beautiful Phoenix bird, so that he would not be recognized. In a changed guise, Poseidon found Medusa and took possession of her in the very temple of Athena. This short romance was doomed to fail.

The gods were angry with Medusa for desecrating the temple and ordered Athena to kill her. After what happened, the unfortunate and righteous fury Medusa appealed to Athena and began to ask for her protection and help, but the insidious goddess of wisdom, instead of “talking heart to heart” with Poseidon, turned the unfortunate Medusa into a terrible monster with a very significant appearance.

Athena’s tremendous love for snakes (which have been considered a symbol of wisdom since ancient times) gave Medusa snakes instead of her once beautiful hair. Moreover, Athena gave the girl wings and endowed her with fearsome power – she could turn anything living into stone with her gaze. Athena turned her innocent sisters into monsters. The sisters of Medusa were forced to hide their ugly appearance from everyone, and moved “to the end of the world”, to a lost, remote island. And men told themselves terrible tales of cruel and violent Gorgons. Everyone quickly forgot about the former beauty of the Gorgons and looked forward to the appearance of a hero who would rid the world of the disgusting Medusa, under whose gaze all living things turned to stone. Now the girl’s beautiful golden hair has turned into a whole swarm of snakes. As soon as someone looked into the face of Medusa the Gorgon, he immediately turned to stone.

Now the girl’s beautiful golden hair has turned into a whole swarm of snakes. As soon as anyone looked into the face of Medusa, the Gorgon, he immediately turned to stone.

Saddened and devoted, Medusa was forced to leave the temple and spend eternity in exile. Years of loneliness turn a lady into an embittered monster. Once a beautiful and charming girl, by the will of fate, she became a monster. Loneliness turned her heart to stone, ironic.

Loneliness and banishment


For many years, Greek soldiers tried to find and behead Medusa, but their attempts were in vain.

Those who managed to find her now, but all fell like a stone after meeting her. But there was still the hero, or not the hero, who was able to decapitate Medusa. His name is Perseus. Son of Zeus and Danae.

Before going in search of Medusa, Perseus asked for help from Athena. Athena, still not forgiving treason, gave Perseus a shield. This shield was so shiny that in the reflection one could see the reflection of the enemy. Perseus received the second gift from Hades. The god of the kingdom of the dead awarded the young man with a helmet that makes him invisible.

But the location of Medusa the Gorgon remained a mystery, even to Athena herself. Only the sisters of Medusa had any idea where their sister roamed. The sisters were also bewitched due to their sister’s mistake. Now the three of them had only one eye and one tooth, which Perseus took advantage of. He stole one of their eyes and promised to return it in exchange for information. The sisters, already suffering from their sister, were forced to help Perseus, they also gave winged sandals as a gift.

Now the prepared hero had to reach the other end of the earth. Get to the place where the goddess of Night and the God of death, Thanat, reigned. To the country where the terrible gorgons lived, whose bodies were covered with scales shiny as steel. Nothing could pierce their skin. Nothing but the sword of Perseus. The arms of the gorgons were copper long limbs with steel claws. Their heads were also covered with snakes, turning everyone to stone. In the faces of the gorgons there was all the malice of the world. Sharp fangs, eyes bloodshot and filled with rage complemented the terrible image.


Perseus rushed in the sky high above the earth in search of the right place. Cities glistening in marble swept beneath him. Mountains covered with greenery could be seen in the distance. The peaks of the mountains covered with snow burned like diamonds in the sun. Perseus flew further and further. He flew higher than eagles fly.

The sea before us gleams in all shades of gold. Now Perseus flies over the sea. Not a single piece of land can be seen anymore, below Perseus only the surface of the water. At some point, an island appears in his field of vision. Gorgon Island . Perseus begins to descend to it, while at the same time searching with his eyes for his destination. He notices three Gorgons sleeping peacefully on one of the rocks. Their scales gleam in the sun and the snakes on their heads sway gently in their sleep.

Perseus remembered their main weapon in time and turned away to avoid being turned to stone. He was ready to kill Medusa, but he could not say which of the three. They are so much alike. Only one of them is Medusa Gorgon, only one of them is mortal. There was no way to make a mistake.

Suddenly Perseus heard a pleasant female voice whispering in his ear, “Kill the one closer to the water, but do not look at him.” It was the voice of the Goddess Athena. The Creator was trying to kill the monster he had created in anger. Perseus lunged at the sleeping victim without hesitation.

He glances into the shield to deliver a precise blow. The serpents on Medusa’s head scented the enemy. With a threatening hiss, they rose. Medusa stirred in her sleep, and already begun to wake up, but she was out of time. Medusa’s head fell to the ground. The blood from the body poured into the rock, and from the blood, a winged horse suddenly appeared, rising high into the sky. It was Pegasus. Perseus quickly grabbed Medusa’s head and hid it in a bag. Writhing in death spasms, Medusa’s body plunged off a cliff into the sea. The noise of his fall awoke Medusa’s sisters, Steino and Evriale. They hovered over the island on their wings, peering with fiery eyes into the ground, in search of their sister’s killer. For a long time they roared and flew over the island, but Perseus disappeared. And the helmet of Hades helped him in this, making him invisible. Now he was heading towards Libya.

Even after Medusa’s death, her severed head retained the ability to turn all living things to stone. She saved Perseus more than once. He used her power in battle against the dragon-like monster that was the spawn of all Gorgons – Keto. In doing so, he put an end to the creation of new Gorgons.

Perseus also finished off the king Polydect, who was pursuing the hero’s mother Danae. After the exploits of Perseus, the head of the medusa was transferred to the auspices of Athena. It was customary to depict her head on armor.


According to the legend, the head of Medusa lies on an earthen hill under the protection of the Cyclops.

We invite you to enjoy your favorite drink holding a glass in your hands with a strong woman who had to fall. We assure you that our glass is completely harmless. It won’t turn you to stone if you look at it, it just helps you have a good time.