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The most beautiful places to visit in Saint Petersburg


The best time to visit Saint Petersburg As a transitional climate between temperate continental and temperate maritime, St. Petersburg has a temperate climate. There are very few sunny days here – only 62 a year. Therefore, St. Petersburg residents appreciate the clear sky, and some begin to sunbathe under the walls of the Peter and […]

Trick or Treat?


Less than in 5 days, pumpkins will be everywhere. Ghosts and witches, zombies and their creators. You sure know now what we are talking about – Halloween 2021 – the spookiest time of the year. It’s time to start preparing to celebrate. It’s not that common to present gifts, but well, why not. Halloween is […]

Medusa The Gorgon. True history


Which culture has brought us more myths and legends? Greek, of course. Olympus gods, mythological heroes, ancient Greeks, and many others. Greek mythology had a very large impact on the development of art and world culture. Laid the foundation for an endless number of religious ideas about people, gods, and heroes. Therefore, we dedicated several […]