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Russian Tea Machine – SAMOVAR


For almost three centuries, the samovar has been considered a Russian symbol of hospitality, Russian spirit, and an integral part of the Slavic people’s lives. It is also one of the most recognizable Russian items in the world. The samovar was an ordinary household accessory and represented prosperity, family comfort, and well-being. It was carefully polished and kept in the most honorable place in the room.

What are the Best Russian Pancake and Crepe recipes?

Designer Porcelain Pancake Server

What are the best Russian pancake and crepe recipes? Russian pancakes are called “blinis”. Russian blinis have a long history of over a thousand years and there are several versions of how they appeared. In ancient pagan times, blinis were the rituals of treating ancestral spirits. It was believed that ancestral spirits could be cajoled […]

Most Delicious and Sophisticated Barbecue Skewers and Kebab Recipes

Barbecue and Kebab Skewers

What are the most delicious and sophisticated barbecue skewers and kebab recipes? The history of barbeque skewers, kebabs, shashliks, etc comes back to the very beginning of human civilization right after the ancient people were managed to get the fire. Many centuries ago soldiers and hunters cooked meat on musket ramrods and arquebuses. Cooked on […]

What are the Best Home Vodka Tinctures?

Home vodka base tinctures

What comes to one’s mind when ‘vodka’ is being offered? A shot, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver – are most well-known around the world and most definitely they are all served during the chillout. We are going to introduce other vodka-based interesting cocktails and tinctures which do not only provide the desired high effect, but are used […]

The traditions of wedding celebration in Russia.


The traditions of wedding celebration in Russia are incomparable with any other country. A wedding in Russia always resembled a real theatrical spectacle, each action of which was filled with a certain meaning. Any deviation from the accepted order was considered a bad omen. At all times, the wedding ceremony in Russia was divided into […]

History of the Dulevo porcelain factory


The history of the Dulevo porcelain factory begins with its establishment in 1832. Dulevo porcelain tableware has a unique warmth and cordiality, which is especially valuable for lovers of high-quality porcelain. Today, Dulevo porcelain factory mainly focuses on originality and folk traditions, which is expressed in unique Dulevo patterns. Foundation of the Dulevo porcelain factory. […]