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Medusa The Gorgon. True history


Which culture has brought us more myths and legends? Greek, of course. Olympus gods, mythological heroes, ancient Greeks, and many others. Greek mythology had a very large impact on the development of art and world culture. Laid the foundation for an endless number of religious ideas about people, gods, and heroes. Therefore, we dedicated several […]

Cognac, Sir?


Cognac is a source of pride and a national treasure of France. Unique alcohols for elite noble drinks are aged in selected oak barrels and then carefully poured into expensive decanters and sold in limited quantities. Collectors from all over the world passionately hunt for rare specimens of cognac, despite the fabulous prices.
Reality and legends, the results of rigorous scientific research, and fantastic assumptions accompany cognac through its development – from birth to the present day. Unusual physical and chemical composition and special, incomparable, organoleptic properties – the subtlest aroma and unsurpassed rich taste – make cognac, in the words of Victor Hugo, “the drink of the Gods”.