Vintage Designer Tableware with Gemstones

Vintage designer tableware, some with gemstones, in our shop is completely handmade by the best masters. This foundry tableware uses a variety of different techniques to create such miraculous designs, that can only be replicated by the best. Legendary stones are embellished to compose such grandiose finishes of brass or nickel casting. Not only are there art casting, but also hand painting to add vibrant touches of color, as well as etching and blackening techniques. Lastly, our products are made with intricate and careful hands, with outgoing imagination, that of course fire up the stunning figures. Get one of the sets presented in our store as a perfect luxury gift to your loved one.

Here you can find designer luxury beer mugs, vintage stem brass cognac glasses gift set, most expensive designer caviar bowls with gemstones, vintage wine glass in gift leather box, stirrup shot glasses of different kind, vintage whiskey tumbler glass set in luxury gift leather box with velvet fabric inside, bone china porcelain coffee cups with saucers enhanced with gemstones.