Porcelain Tableware from Gzhel and Lomonosov (IPM) Factories

Porcelain tableware products from Gzhel and Lomonosov (Imperial Porcelain) manufacturers from Russia have long been valued no less than gold and were available only to the noble and wealthy people. The secrets of making porcelain dinnerware sets, tea & coffee pots, elegant tea & coffee sets, pottery products were carefully kept under seven seals and seven locks. These facts show that especially china porcelain products are an attribute of luxury and have great value, and make an excellent gift for a housewarming party, gift for your loved one, and as home decoration.

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What is the most famous Russian bone china porcelain brand? It is Imperial Porcelain Factory (former Lomonosov) from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
What is the most expensive bone china tea set in the world? We know that in our collection Fantastic Butterflies is the most expensive tea set.
How long it takes to make one fine porcelain tea set? It takes around a month of daily work. Only hand painting takes 2 weeks and sometimes may exceed 3-4 weeks of continues work.