Luxury BBQ Skewer Set “Bear & Animals”


Luxury barbeque skewer set “Bear & Animals”. A special feature of this BBQ set is an individual for each skewer solid brass handle in the form of a beast. The author performs magnificent images of animals from metal: wolf, boar, fox… No hunter or lover of unexpected surprises will remain indifferent after receiving such a gift.

The set also includes a convenient knife with an identical handle in the form of a bear’s head. The belt is made of leather, and the case is made of spunbond. The brown case has a hand-made engraving. It is a magnificent drawing of an animal that is located on the river shore. In the drawing, the master depicted a bear, which symbolizes the prey. The base has a magnificent patterned ornament. The skewer is made of stainless steel with a walnut handle. It is complemented with a strong handle made of wood covered with varnish. The adjustable shoulder strap made of genuine leather is very convenient when transporting the kit. This set has a non-standard shape and incorporates the best qualities of a good gift.

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