Luxury BBQ Skewer Set “Captain”


Can a ship’s wheel and luxury BBQ skewers be combined? This question will be answered by the gift “Captain” barbeque skewers in a quiver made of leather with hand-painted drawings that have won all the captain’s hearts with their originality. The case is made of spun-bond. The brown case shows two hand-drawn drawings. A special feature of this skewers set is a solid brass handle in the form of a steering wheel, which encircles the rope and anchor. The author takes the gorgeous image of the heart of any ship. The first picture shows the captain, clouds and the sea surface with an anchor digging into it. The second drawing represents clouds, an anchor on a cable, and a steering wheel. This set has a non-standard shape and incorporates the best qualities of a good gift-whether you are a sailor or just a barbecue lover.

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