Luxury BBQ Skewer Set “Deer Hunting”


Imagine that you were given barbeque skewers. Presented? Okay, now imagine that you were given a luxury BBQ skewers in a quiver of genuine leather “Deer Hunting” with an engraved image of handmade. Nice, isn’t it? The quiver is made of genuine leather. It is a magnificent drawing and patterned ornament. In the drawing, the master depicted a deer, which symbolizes the purpose of the prey. Around the image of a deer is an ornament in the form of two branches of a fern. The BBQ skewers are made of stainless steel with a beech handle. It is supplemented with a strong handle made of wood covered with varnish, which facilitates the process of scrolling the meat over the fire and prevents the heating of the grasping part. The edge of the handle closes the transition from steel, it complements the strength of the structure. Also, there is an adjustable shoulder strap made of leather on the quiver. This set will be a great and pleasant gift for both you and your close friends.

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