Luxury BBQ Skewer Set “King”


Luxury BBQ Skewer Set “King” with a walnut handle and the decorated top is made of pure brass, which will not give the meat the taste of metal. The case is made of a material produced by “spunbond” technology. The light brown material shows a hand-made engraving. It consists of two magnificent drawings and a patterned ornament in three places. The first drawing depicts a landscape with trees, a field, and a beautiful sky. The second drawing complements the first with its landscape, where a master hunter is depicted in the field with a faithful dog, who is preparing to bring the owner the prey. This composition will please all participants of the feast, as well as lovers of nature and hunting. The skewer is complemented with a strong handle made of wood, which facilitates the process of scrolling the meat over the fire and prevents the heating of the grasping part. The edges of the handle close the skidded transitions. This set will be a great and pleasant gift for almost any holiday.

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